Silent Disco


What are you going to build? What does it do? Why are you excited to build it? My partner and I are going to build a an audio visualizer setup for a silent disco project we are working on after finding inspiration from the internet My Partner and I love listening to music. Often you can see on our discord statuses us listening to Spotify and according to our Spotify wrapped we combined for almost 300k minutes. Together we hope to relax and listen to music in a new sensory experience.


What steps are you going to take to build it? What tools are you going to use? What will you do first, second, third, etc.?

Step 1.) Gather the parts Step 2.) Create the light rig and mod the headphones Step 3.) Connecting the smaller led strips to ESP32 to create for a wirelessly controlled setup for the headphones. Step 4.) Use audio visualizer program found Step 5.) Connect RPI to the led strips and have them run the audio visualizer code Step 6.) Take in the new music listening experience


What materials will you need for your project? Where will you get them? How much does it cost? Please include all materials, including components you already own. Make sure to factor in shipping costs and sales tax.

SENNHEISER HD 450BT Bluetooth$99 x 2
Raspberry Pi$100
Addressable Led strip$26
Tracing Paper$17
USB Audio Converter$8
2 x 4 x 16in block of wood$9.67 x 2
Sodering kitºF-896ºF-Adjustable-Calibration/dp/B082F1WKP9/$50
Adressable LED Strip for headphones$13.99
Hat for RPIºF-896ºF-Adjustable-Calibration/dp/B082F1WKP9/$5
Headers for ESP32$3

| Tax | | $27.73 | | Shipping | | $0.0| | Total | | $490.05 |