Plant Disease Detection Rover

Expected result from the rover Expected Result From The Rover



For the first 5 days, I will focus solely on writing code and setting up the database. This will involve working diligently to ensure that the software is functional and the database is properly configured.

After the initial 5 days, I will have a maximum of 24 hours to design the circuit for the rover. This will involve creating a detailed plan for the layout and functionality of the circuit, as well as sourcing the necessary components and materials.

Once the circuit design is complete, I can begin assembling the rover. This will involve building the physical components of the rover, including the circuit and the Raspberry Pi, and ensuring that everything is working together smoothly.

Finally, I will train the model using a variety of plant images, so that it can accurately identify and diagnose various plant diseases. This will be a critical step in getting my rover ready for use in the field.


Raspberry Pi 4 VIA Model B 4Gb$150
5MP Camera$13
Stepper Motor x 4$40
Servo Motor x 1$6
Stepper Motor Driver x 4$10
Battery 12v 1500mAh$24
Tyres x 4$5
Acrylic SheetsAlready Own$0
WiresAlready Own$0