I’m going to build a quadruped puppy using servo motors attached to 3D printed legs. This puppy will be controlled using arduino boards. It always follows its owner without running into stuff. It would be about the size of a normal puppy.(not for every breed) I am excited to build this one. Never made something like this. I think that everyone would like to have a freindly companion who would accompany you where ever you go and doesn’t require much maintanence. I’m not sure if it would be as good as I think but it’s worth trying.


In each leg I will use 3 servo-motors one for controlling the direction of the pupp, the other two are for forward motion. I will use IR proximity sensor and Ultrasonic distance finder to avoid obstalcesfrom a safe distance. I will use esp 32 cam for face recognition of the owner. I’ll use OLED screen for its face. It would be powered using a Lithium Polymer battery(800 mAh). I am using two Arduino boards because I think 1 wouldn’t be enough for the pupp. It would also require other components for connection(e.g. jumper wires, voltage regulators, etc.). It will also require 3D printed parts(e.g. the gears, its legs, etc.). I also need some tools for the asembling procces. I am following this link to make it: I will make some change from the orignal one.


Servo motor x12$25.50
Arduino Nano 33 ble sense$46
Arduino Micro$20
IR proximity sensor x4$15
Esp 32 cam$11
Micro Breadboard x2$1.50
OLED 0.96”$3
LiPo 2s 800 mAh$12.50
LiPo balance charger$4.50
3v LDO voltage regulator x4$4
Poteniometer x4$12.50
Ultrasonic range finder HC-SR04$1
Logic level convertor$1
Jumper wires male to male x2$1
Pin male header strip$0.50
Glue Gun$5
3D printed components$30