Building an RC Drone


I am going to build an RC Drone because I’m fascinated by drone technology and its innumerable applications. Since this is my first drone project, my drone will be pretty basic and will not perform functions other than flying. Eventually, I plan to add a camera so that my quadcopter can be used for filming or photography purposes. I’m really excited to make it because I’ve been wanting to make this since a really long time.


I’ve watched a lot of videos to be able to make my quadcopter, here are a few of them:


Conversion rate: 1$ = ₹81.79

Lipo battery₹2999
Drone frame₹949
Lipo Battery Charger₹519
Motors₹469*4 = ₹1876
ESCs₹349*4 = ₹1396
Propellers₹85*6 = ₹510
Transmitter & Receiver₹5499
Arduino Uno₹782
Soldering iron₹3149
Breadboards₹69*2 = ₹138
Jumper Cables₹49
Cable Zip Ties₹215
Total₹18979 = $232.04