Automatic titration


We will automate the process of titration. It is a device widely used in Chemistry for measuring concentration of acid or base.


We plan on using Arduino Nano as a brain for a display (to graph and calculate data), a keypad (to enter initial volume and concentration), a pH Sensor to collect the pH of the solution, a solenoid valve to mix the liquids by constantly opening and closing, and a powerful ADC to receive more correct voltage.


pH Meter pc$31,24
Mini USB Cable pc$1,19
Valve pc$3,76
Voltage shifter pc$1,11
12V Step-up pc$2,81
Jumpers pc$2,68
Soldering Kit pc$26,43
Wire 12AWG pc$1,35
Power Supply pc$7,00
USB C pc$0,32
Calibration solutions pc5,68
Arduino Nano pc$6,32
ADC 16-bit pc$5,54
Protoboard pc$2,32
Breadboard pc$2,37
LCD Display pc$17,69
Mosfet pc$2,08
Resistor kit pc$1,98
Keypad pc$3,44
Multimeter pc$8.32
DeliveryNovaPoshta4 pc$4,05
Casing (owned)Owned1 pc$0