I’m going to build a flight tracker. This will track nearby planes and update flights’ data in real time. I’m exited to build this because I’m going to learn many things while making this project. This includes learning how to 3d print, 3d model, and learning linux. I’ll also learn more about physical computer hardware and how ADS-B antennas work.

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For this project you will need a device capable of running linux such as a rasberry pi or a libre computer and a micro sd card to boot from. You will also need a ADS-B antenna to recive signals from nearby aircrafts. You’ll also need a computer to design a case for the build and a 3d printer and filament to print the case.

Step 1: Setup linux on the libre computer board. Step 2: Install the ADS-B antenna software. Step 3: Connect the antenna to the computer via usb. Step 4: Wait for flights to be detected and test if the system works properly. Step 5: 3D model a inclosure for the project on blender. Step 6: 3D print the inclosure you designed. Step 7: Install the hardware into the case. Step 8: See the flights above you on a monitor.


Libre computer board$35.00
ADS-B antenna$27.95
Aquila X2 3D printer$155.00
3D printer filament$24.99
Ethernet CableAlready OwnedOwned
Power SupplyAlready OwnedOwned
Micro SD cardAlready OwnedOwned
HDMI CableAlready OwnedOwned
Monitor/TVAlready OwnedOwned
USB Keyboard/MouseAlready OwnedOwned
Total (After Tax + Shipping)$267.24