Covert Remote BadUSB With 3D Printed Disguise


I’m going to build a BadUSB that I can use at range by taking the bluetooth transmitter out of a cheap bluetooth mouse and connecting it to a Rpi Pico that acts as a “keyboard” to do keystroke injections


1: Set up the pico with duckysctipt (Keystroke injection language) 2: Disassemble the bluetooth mouse and a microUSB to USB data cable 3: Combine the bluetooth transmitter from the mouse and the cable and use it as the Pico’s output (If that does not work I’ll just use a cord) 4: 3D Print nondescript housing for the recieving and transmitting end of the device 5: Test it out by writing a rickroll program and pranking my friends


What materials will you need for your project? Where will you get them? How much does it cost? Please include all materials, including components you already own. Make sure to factor in shipping costs and sales tax.

Ender-3 Pro 3D printer$206
Ender 1.75 mm Filament$22
Crappy Bluetooth Mouse$5.49
Raspberry Pi Pico own)
MicroUSB to USB data cable own)
Total With Tax$249.54

Note: WOW that is way closer to budget that I thought it would be