Virtual Assitant Hologram Alarm Clock


Virtual Assitant Hologram Alarm Clock or, VAHAC for short, is a virtual assitant just like Alexa or Google Home. This also funtions as a hologram Alarm clock. The rasberrypi will use a camera to detect facial expressions and faces using open-cv in order to suggest information or help. For example if the user gives a face of pain then the assitant can tell the user what do. The hologram feature will show a random pictures like jellyfish floating when the virtual assitant is not in use. This project also features an alarm clock which will play music until the user is awake and out of the room.


Set up rasberry pi Connect the screen, camera, audio hat module Install a voice reconigition software to convert wavelengths into text this is from SpeechRecognition 3.8.1 library available on Create a word that starts the program ex. Alexa or Ok Google Use Open Ai that runs when start word is said (Alexa, Ok Goolgle) Say the response from the speaker The clock software can be dowloaded from other pre-made clock sofware on GitHub. for example I could change the code slightly to make is hologram friendly.


Rasberry Pi 0 w$79.99
Audio HAT Module$21.90
Raspberry pi Camera Day & Night Vision$16.99
Hologram pyrimid$0.00
Touch Screen$50.69
Caseing boxAlready own$10.49
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