Non Invasive eBike Conversion

Every bike can be an eBike


Me and my friends Michael and Cameron would love to build a custom ebike. I’ve had this project in mind for a while but have never had the money to do it. My goal is to design and build it as an easy add-on to almost any standard bike. It will have regenerative braking, an emergency kill switch, variable throttle assist, and a battery life adequate to go to school and back ~ at least 15 miles. On top of this, the esc settings can be changed on the esc using the vesc-tool Android app.

Some possible future additions to this are the creation of an iPhone app that interfaces with the vesc and a persistence of vision bike wheel light display that runs off of the ebike battery.

This project is inspired by Tom Stanton’s designs


  1. Finalize my calculations for bike acceleration, top speed, battery life
  2. Buy all parts on list
  3. CAD brackets for, esc, motor, and tensioner
  4. CAD large pulley for back wheel
  5. 3D print parts - pulley will be printed in two parts and attached with epoxy and alignment grooves - 3D printer nozzle will need to be changed first
  6. Assemble motor to bracket and bracket to back left of bike frame or rear rack - depends on frame interference
  7. Assemble pulley to left of rear wheel spokes with high strength zip ties
  8. Assemble tensioner roller with bearings and 7/8 ID tube and put on rear left of bike frame
  9. Attach esc to rear inside of the bike’s triangle frame
  10. Attach throttle control to handlebar
  11. Attach battery bracket to inside bottom of frame triangle
  12. Solder XT90 adapter to Anderson connector on battery
  13. Wire motor and throttle control to esc
  14. Put bike on lift hand for first throttle test
  15. Put battery plug in easily reachable location for unplug - will add actual estop button later
  16. Plug in battery and do first throttle test
  17. If it acts as predicted, take on bike path and test ride
  18. Set up wireless settings tuning with vesc-tool
  19. Adjust throttle curves, motor sensors, and regenerative braking to preference
  20. Test ride again, this time receiving metrics from vesc-tool
  21. Reajust if necessary - First revision is complete!


What materials will you need for your project? Where will you get them? How much does it cost? Please include all materials, including components you already own. Make sure to factor in shipping costs and sales tax.

Turnigy SK8 6374-192kV Sensored Brushless Motor$59.99
FSESC 6$179.00
48v 13Ah eBike battery with BMS$269.00
Anderson to XT90 Adapter$7.99
HTD5M 8mm Bore 14t 15mm Wide Timing Pulley$12.99
7/8” OD 3/8” ID Flanged Steel Ball Bearing$9.99
Throttle Grip$15.99
0.6mm Steel 3D Printer Nozzle$14.99
120A 48V Circuit Breaker$16.99
288t HTD5m Belt$20.88
7/8” ID Aluminum TubeOwned
3D PrinterOwned
Street Cruiser BikeOwned
HobbyKing Shipping + Tax$33.85
Amazon Shipping + Tax$30.42
Flipsky Shipping + Tax$9.90

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