Modern Duck Hunt + Modern NES Zapper


I am excited to build a modern version of the classic NES game, Duck Hunt, with my best friend @Kiana as a demo project. Our main project will be a modern version of the NES Zapper, which will be compatible with modern PC and have API support. The microcontroller will control the laser sight and trigger with multiple buttons, and the device will be powered by a rechargeable battery. The Duck Hunt game will feature updated graphics and sound, as well as new gameplay elements to keep players engaged. It will be built using the Unity game engine and will be compatible with PC.


  1. Select a microcontroller and rechargeable battery for the NES Zapper.
  2. Design the circuit to control the laser sight and trigger using the Raspberry Pi. Connect gyroscope to detect the movement and rotation to recreate it on game.
  3. Write custom API to support the NES Zapper in modern pc.
  4. Use a CAD software to create a 3D model of the NES Zapper.
  5. Use a 3D printer to print the physical components of the NES Zapper.
  6. Assemble the NES Zapper using the printed components and the microcontroller circuit.
  7. Use the Raspberry Pi Camera V2 Video Module to capture the laser sight and trigger input from the NES Zapper and send it to the Raspberry Pi for processing.
  8. Test the NES Zapper to ensure that the laser sight and trigger function correctly, and make any necessary adjustments.
  9. Implement any additional features for the NES Zapper, such as sound effects or vibration feedback.
  10. Test and debug the NES Zapper to ensure smooth operation.


Manufature: DustinHome

One Nine Design OKdo Raspberry Pi 4 Model B 8GB Starter Kit (163$)
Raspberry Pi 32GB MicroSDHC With NOOBS (29$)
Raspberry Pi Camera V2 Video Module (38$)
iFixIt Pro Tech Kit (86$)
iFixIt Pro Magnetic Project Mat (22$)
3D Printer$) Owned
Shipping299kr (29$)
Total3812kr (365$)

Manufacture: kjell

PrimaCreator P120 v4 Färdigmonterad 3D-skrivare (256$)
Shipping0kr (0$)
Total2695kr (256$)

Manufacture: Amazon

Gyroscope Module (18$)
LED Light (21$)
Mini Button (13$)
Jumper Cable (15$)
Shipping65kr (6$)
Total762kr (73$)

Manufacture: jlcpcb

Custom PCB & Parts (45$)
Custom duties162kr (16$)
Shipping181kr (17$)
Total814kr (78$)

Total Cost:

DustinHome (365$)
Amazon (73$)
jlcpcb (78$)
kjell (256$)
Total8083kr (772$)