Greenpower Racing Go Kart Telemetry


What are you going to build? What does it do? Why are you excited to build it?

I am planning to build a telemetry system for my team’s greenpower racing go-kart (See link for the greenpower competition: The main goal is to be able to record: The motor temperature, Heatsink temperature, Speed, Current and voltage of the vehicle and display it for the driver and send it back to the pitstops. I am excited to build this as I believe that this could change how our team races while contributing opensource hardware and software. Currently, no full telemetry system is open-source only parts of the hardware or software of the system.


What steps are you going to take to build it? What tools are you going to use? What will you do first, second, third, etc.?

I have been researching ways to implement different sensors that meet our requirements in the Arduino programming language. By doing this I can work with preexisting libraries and code examples which will reduce the development time. The tools I will be using are the Arduino IDE for programming, 3D printing for the mounting hardware of the telemetry, A wire crimper for dupoint connections for the system and a soldering iron for other connections. The plan is to connect the sensors to the Arduino first off to test the sensors if they work fully, then using the initial connections I will write a preliminary version of the software to test all the sensors together. After that, I will make the final connections of the sensors and design and print mounting hardware for the system. After the final connections are done I will do the final software version that will be used.


Heltec Lora32 v3 Amazon$55
DS18B20 Sensor Amazon$16
10000mah PowerBank Amazon$13
15k Ohm Resistors Amazon$3
1k Potentiometer Amazon$4
100nF Capacitors Amazon$7
Zener Diode Amazon$2.5
Perfboard Amazon$6.5
Right angle USB C Cable Amazon$8
Speed sensor Amazon$7
6.2k Resistors Amazon$4.5