Humidifier with moisture sensor


Especially during the winter, the air in my room gets really dry. I am building an air humidifier with an adjustable humidity level based on this. I will modify the design to have a small display to show the temperature and humidity levels. Also, a rotary encoder to set the wanted humidity level. I will 3D-print the case. I will be leaving out the water level sensor because the tank will be reasonably big.




  1. While waiting for the parts to ship, I will learn to use CAD software and model a case
  2. Assemble and set up the 3D-printer
  3. Print the case
  4. Solder the components
  5. Program the Arduino
  6. Test the setup
  7. Mount the components to the case
  8. Never have a dry room again!


Creality Ender 3Amazon295,99 €
2x FilamentAmazon33,98 €
Amazon shippingN/A0,00 €
ResistorsN/Aalready owned
LEDsN/Aalready owned
wireN/Aalready owned
Ultrasonic mist makerAliexpress4,56 €
Rotary encoderAliexpress0,98 €
Arduino nanoAliexpress2,93 €
mosfetAliexpress0,49 €
Temp and humidity sensorAliexpress4,01 €
DC-DC buck step-downAliexpress0,63 €
fanAliexpress1,21 €
displayAliexpress1,69 €
Aliexpress shippingN/A8,99 €
Total355,46 €
Total in USD381.57