Monopoly Tablet


I am going to build a tablet designed to be mounted to a table so that one can play a digital version of the board game Monopoly on it. It will utilize pieces with special shapes of conductive pads on the bottom (as indicated in this instructable to differentiate the specific pieces, allowing for more specialized semi-physical UI interactions (differentiating which player is moving, letting players move their pieces in a more fun/entertaining way, etc). In the long run, I envision having online play capabilities and possibly other board games (but that is way too ambitious for a short hackathon so I am keeping it simple for now).


First, I will first be following more or less this instructable ( in order to set up several prototype game pieces. I will paint some felt pads with conductive filament and attach them to some metal game pieces I already have (or some similar conductive object if that doesn’t work).

Second, I will hook up a 7” LCD Display to a NucBox S SBC (I realize that this may seem overkill for this project, but given that I could’ve payed a similar price for something less powerful than a raspberry pi with the way the pricing is gouged at the moment, I though it would be more appropriate to try and get something that had a better value) in order to create the tablet device that will allow my special game pieces to be utilized.

Finally, I will program a Monopoly port that utilizes my different shaped pieces, hopefully creating an interesting digital/physical board game fusion that puts a unique spin on the classic game.


Note: I’m aware this goes a few dollars over budget but I am willing to pay the excess myself if that is possible.

Felt Pads$7.49
7” Touchscreen LCD display$62.99
Conductive Paint$13.97
NucBox S (Intel SBC)$169.99