Meteorological Dolphin Drone


I plan to create a remote-controlled balloon shaped like a dolphin. This dolphin balloon would have a glider and propeller for flight controls. I will also install a weather logger that would sense the temperature, humidity, and atmospheric pressure of the environment. Using this remote-controlled flying machine, I will also install an infrared camera that can help me see people’s temperature or see people in the dark.


  1. I will create a remote-controlled balloon shaped like a dolphin. For flight control, it will have a propeller and glider that would help me control the balloon’s altitude and direction. Then I would use Arduino Nano for my remote controller. And for the weather logger, I can use Arduino UNO.
  2. Flight design: I would use cardboard or kraft foamboard for my glider and skeletal support of the balloon which can help me mount all electronic components.
  3. Programming the remote controller to test flight
  4. After a successful flight, I will program the weather logger and mount it into the balloon.
  5. Test flight number 2 and if successful will mount the infrared camera that will connect to my computer.


ELEGOO UNO R3 Kit for weather logger and extra components$47.99
Thermal Imager Sensor Module$39.99
items below are for the remote control and flight gears
4Pcs SG90 9g Micro Servos$9.99
RC 20A Brushed ESC$14.99
ELEGOO Nano Board 3PCS$22.99
DC Motor 12V 2PCS$13.78
Giant Power LIPO 7.4V$39.18
3pcs NRF24L01+PA+LNA$13.99
Joystick for Arduino$8.99
Dolphin Balloon/Cardboards/Glue gun/Electrical toolsI own$0
FREE Shipping Promo-------------------------$23.13