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The SleepBuddy

💁‍♂️ Summary:

The SleepBuddy is a smart clock ⏰ that helps you sleep. It puts some calm music (Stereo Enclosed Speaker - 3W 8Ω (x2)) 🎵 and a night light (Flexible RGB LED Strip) 🔅 when you go to bed. The night light brightness and the music volume turns down as you fall asleep. You can turn on and off the SleepBuddy with the switch on-off and start the sleep session with the touch sensor.

The SleepBuddy can also :

✅ Conditions to submit proposal:

📃 Plan:

  1. Buy the hardware 💰
  2. Print the prototype of the box in a local FabLab
  3. Create the final box in polypropylene and wood
  4. Program 💻 my arduino with all the components (uses in the summary)
  5. Put all the components together in the box

💸 Budget:

ProductSupplier/LinkCost (including some taxes)
Arduino UNO REV 2 WIFI/Bluetootharduino55,90 $ (there is a promo code so I don’t know the exact price)
Stereo Enclosed Speaker - 3W 8Ω (x2)arduino9,60 $ (there is a promo code so I don’t know the exact price)
Flexible RGB LED Strippimoroni31,74 $
BME280 Breakout - Temperature, Humidity Sensorpimoroni7,00 $
Grove - Touch Sensor (button on the top to stop the alarm)arduino8,07 $
SUBTOTAL (arduino and pimoroni products + shipping cost)135,47 $
Switch on-off (turn on and off the SleepBuddy)amazon10,61 $
Movement sensoramazon14,32 $
Jumper Wiresamazon11,66 $
wood and Polypropylene partsArtilect (Toulouse)max 50 $ (depends on the box’s size)
AZDelivery Display Module Vert LCDamazon6,89 $
AZDelivery LED Displayamazon6,89 $
Breadboardamazon6,27 $
TOTAL including taxes + shipping costs242,11 $ (depends on the price of some components)