75% custom keyboard


I am going to build a 75% keyboard that plays sounds when you press down keys. In order for this to happen, I design my own pcb that can plug in a small speaker to play noises. I need to make my own firmware that can process these things and play it through the speaker. I can also use this to make a soundboard built into my keyboard. The keys need to be as silent as possible so that no other noise happens when pressing down keys for the speaker to play out. The purpose for this project is to have different sounds without buying new switches or mod the keyboard. I am using KiCad to design my pcb. I used ai03’s guide and Masterzen’s guide for building a pcb.


I will buy a keyboard pcb, plate, case, and switches. I will use durock silent linear switches which I will lube myself. I will also buy o-rings as they decrease the amount of sound and increase how fast you can press down keys. I am designing a custom pcb that can plug in speakers and I am making my own firmware for this pcb as it has speakers. I will buy the pcb I designed myself. I am going to use the same dimensions as a KBD pcb so that I can fit it inside the case and plate. Steps: 1. lube switches 2. put first 2 switches in plate then place it in the pcb 3. put stabilizers onto the pcb 4. put pcb into case 5. put o rings on keycaps 6. put keycaps on the switches 7. plug in speaker and keyboard into computer


5, 18 sets of durock silent linear switcheshttps://divinikey.com/collections/switches/products/durock-silent-linear-switches?variant=39872565575745$61.75
tofu84 platehttps://kbdfans.com/collections/tofu84/products/tofu84-alu-plate$20.00
KBD75 casehttps://divinikey.com/products/kbdfans-kbd75-v2-aluminum-case$91.75
penguin keycapshttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B09ZDQPCSD/?th=1$25.99
o ringshttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B09P56L4QP/$4.99
lube kithttps://www.amazon.com/dp/B09HGB38L5/$16.99
case foamhttps://kbdfans.com/products/case-foam-collection?variant=41107132743819$10.00