Good Morning Smart Mirror


What are you going to build? What does it do? Why are you excited to build it? I am going to build a smart mirror. This is basically an mirror that has information (e.g. weather, date, daily tasks, motivational quotes) that you can interact with. It’s going to be able to take in voice commands and respond to me based on those commands. Ex: “What is the weather at 3pm today?” -> will gather data from weather api. I am excited to build this because it is a larger project than I usually make so I wanted to see the difference in difficulty.



I am going to connect the raspberry pi to a tv (with two way mirror on it) and use a magic mirror module ( for the initial set up. From there, I am going to customize the default code into responding to my voice. I will add a voice detector and camera onto the tv to recognize me.


Raspberry Pi$125.67
Two Way Mirror (24”x19”)$99.00
32 inch$139.99
Infrared Touch$140.86
LED Light$6.90
Monitor Wall$6.90