MFE-SD or Multi-Function Electronic Control/Steering Device


I will be building a multi-function steering wheel/flight yoke combination. As I have started this project back then to suit my needs for cars and flight simulators, but I lacked the equipments to make them. I am excited about this project as I wanted to fly a plane, but also to play racing games with my friends.

Furthermore, I will be building the entire system from scratch with my own base. This includes the steering wheel thing, but also the yoke sensors. The input data for buttons will be digital and will be sent to the Arduino Mega that I own at home, because I will be needing a lot of ports. But for the steering and angles, then I will be using a potentiometer connecting to the analog port.

Not only that, I will be connecting the Arduino to the Raspberry Pi, then use this to turn it into a joystick. Shipping the Raspberry Pi might be a bit slow but I can compensate by converting the arduino to a gamepad for now. But it will lack the wireless-ness that I was looking for. I’ve now also added the total shipping costs.


Assembly Steps:

Redesign my Old Arduino Schematics for cleaner results in code and wiring.
Build Yoke System (Suspension).
Design the connection between components (Assembly).

Polishing Steps:

Design Packaging (Cleanup).
Test System with Games.
External and Internal Fixes.
Bug Fixes.


LCD ScreenLazada$5.41
Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - 8GBAliExpress$223.55
Resistor, Switchs and LEDsLazada$1.44
Shipping + TaxAll$14.35
Other Tools (Arduino Mega and Some Components)Me$0