RGB Matrix Price Ticker


I want to build an rgb matrix based price ticker, like the ones that scroll across and are massively wide, however on a much smaller scale. I would use 2 64x32 rgb matrices daisy chained together to form a 128x32 strip of pixels, which will scroll across and show various stock and crypto prices, such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Google and Microsoft. I want to build this to experiment with rgb matrices, as I do not have much experience with them.


  1. Wire up the RGB matrices to the controller and Raspberry Pi.
  2. Write basic python scripts to test that the panels are working and that they are wired correctly.
  3. Plan and Model a case to be 3d printed.
  4. 3d print the case. (with my own 3d printer)
  5. Assemble the ticker.
  6. Finish writing the software (and maybe include a nice web interface)


Prices are converted from AUD to USD, they may fluctuate slightly.

ProductSupplier/ LinkPrice
P2.5 64x32 RGB Matrix Panel x2Aliexpress$40.00
5V 10A Power SupplyAliexpress$16.00
Power Supply SocketAliexpress$2.50
Adafruit RGB Matrix HAT + RTC for RPiCore Electronics$33.05
Raspberry Pi 3 Model A+Core Electronics$27.00
32GB Micro SD Card (owned)$0.00
Official Raspberry Pi 12.5W Micro USB Power SupplyCore Electronics$10.50
Core Electronics Shipping Charge$6.00
Miscellaneous Wires (owned)$0.00
1kg Matte Black 3d Printer PLA FilamentAmazon AU$25.50