Alexa Controlled Smart Mirror


I have decided to build a Alexa controlled Smart Mirror that will be display Time, Weather ,etc.This project will be able to very exciting to make.I will be completing this project with @amareshw. This is the proposal for new project after the previous proposal of ID #372


Once we have all the material required ,First of all we will assemble the frame attaching two way mirror and mounting the display behind it. Then we will connect the Raspberry Pi and the power supply, and install the software on the Raspberry Pi. after this we will connect the Alexa device to the Raspberry Pi and configure the software to communicate with it. This allows the mirror to respond to voice commands given to the Alexa device.Finally, If everything worked fine we will we will customize the software to display the information we want on the mirror, such as the time, weather, calendar and news updates.


Raspberry Pi 4 4GB RAM$146.66
Raspberry Pi 4 Case$25.24
Samsung EVO Plus 64GB SD Card$7.24
Raspberry Pi 15.3W USB-C$7.31
Micro HDMI to HDMI$3.67
Two way MirrorLocally Buyaround $30
Hammer Drill Machine Tool Kit$47.6
Screw Driver Kit$8.52
Amazon Echo Dot$43.22
Glue(I own)$0
Tape(I Own)$0
Clamp(I Own)$0
1.5” wood Screw(I Own)$0
Cardboard(I own)$0.00
Tax + Shipping$14.82