MSERMSA (Medical SOS Emergency Recording and Monitoring System with AI)

@Shreeya Rani(Slack ID) @Shrey Mehra(Slack ID)


Build with @Shreeya Rani Medical SOS Emergency Recording and Monitoring System with AI, or MSERMSA for short is an AI based medical-cum-electronical equipment which makes it easier for Medical professionals to monitor the health of a patient easily and from wherever they want.

MSERMSA reads the realtime medical condition of patients from the sensing equipment and shares it to cloud. Then we take the data from cloud and share it with the professional in real-time on our web application.Every year, according to National Crime Bureau, 21,012 people die because of delay in treatment in India.

Every year thousands of people lose their closest ones because of Treatment Delay! With the help of MSERMSA we will be able to save lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the globe and we will be able to put our skills and resources to betterment of the world.


In order to read or to obtain the medical properties (In our case we are measuring with Beat Per Minute or BPM) of one, we must first build a machine for which we are going to connect Raspberry Pi with the pulse rate sensor by using jumper wires and ADS1115 16 bit.

The project will be completed by fusing the reading from the apparatus with a user interface for medical practitioners, for user interface, we are using HDMI screen for pi. In the later steps, we are going to test our product on multiple users. Based on the reviews, we’ll continue to avoid as many errors and bugs as possible.

We’ll require flex sensors to track and monitor the posture of an individual. For example, if a patient is in coma, if there is any physical movement in the body the sensor will immediately report this to the doctor.

We’ll also require 3D printers and filament in this project so we can build a sturdy and protective shell for our hardware and to add some more basic design features to it to make it more user friendly such as grip and water-proof casing.

Servo M16 is going to help us to open the box that we’ll make using 3D printers we are going to make.

I will be looking after the Electronic component and programming. @Shreeya2007 will look after the Modeling and 3D designing of the project.


WOL3D Creality Ender 3 Model 2022 DIY Printer with Removable Bed 3D Printer$174.29
Creality Premium 1.75 mm PLA 3D Printing Filament (Carbon Fiber)$36.52
Raspberry Pi 4 8GB *2$169.54
ADS1115 16 bit$10.54
Pulse sensor*4$6.16
Servo m16*5$9.25
Fishing Thread$1.84
Flex Sensor$18.54
HDMI Screen For Raspberry Pi$45.24
Jumper wire M-F$0.70
Jumper Wire F-F$0.64
Jumper wire M-M$0.82

The conversion rate for rate from dollar to inr $473.38 = 38,663.83 and all cost include shipping and 18% GST tax.