Pet-feeding system


I plan on creating my first ever hardware project. I am choosing to build a pet feeding project because it can apply to me in real life, letting me see my creation come into play.


I am going to buy a kit with some other accessories to help me complete the project because as a total beginner, I don’t know what to buy at first so I believe a kit would serve me the best.

  1. Design my circuit and attach it to my supplies like cardboard and cans and create moving mechanisms with the 3D printer.
  2. Attach that with servo and my camera, using the camera module, it’ll periodically take pictures and send a POST request to my raspberry pi, which will analyze image (using openCV)to check if the food bowl is empty or not, sending a response back. If it’s empty the servo will drop food.
  3. I will also code an app that lets me set timer for food dropping intervals and automatic control. The raspberry pi will send data to the arduino (the server) through a USB cable.

the food dropping mechanism

I will create a 3/4th plastic using my 3D printer. It’ll be connected to the servo that can spin the component. The cardboard box will have a hole beneath it. When it’s ready to drop food, the servo will rotate the circle to where the 1/4th opening is, and the food will be able to dispense through that opening.


I can pay shipping for myself

Complete Elegoo Start Kit with mega board$65.99
Arduino camera module$25.99
2820 Pololu Servo$6.15
cardboard, plastic bottle, cans, standmy own suppliesfree
Raspberry pi 4 Model B (with cable)free
Elegoo Neptune 2S 3D printer$149.99