Building an RC Buggy


Im going to build a remote controlled buggy for fun since I have never built any hardware with such complexity before. Im using a kit as it contains a lot of parts at a fairly reasonable rate and since it bundles up a lot of them. Looking for all of the parts separately would take a lot of time and would also go over budget. This is also my first time doing such a project thus this would be more beneficial. Additional products like the batteries, radios, wheels, etc. I’ll buy separately since they are not included in the kit


  1. Assemble the chassis.
  2. Connect the battery to the esc whcih in turn is connected to and powers the motor and receiver(connected to a bec) which powers the servo.
  3. Bind the radio receiver and remote(transmitter)
  4. Connecting the electronics to the mechanical components (chassis, axles, etc)
  5. Powering on and driving it.

Reference videos:

Reference schematic:


2S Lipo Battery₹2299
Lipo Battery Charger₹501
4x wheels₹572
Transmitter + Receiver₹2190
Servo Motor₹1349
48p Pinion Gear 17t₹139
48p pinion gear 19t₹139
2x 46t plastic spur gear₹298
64t spur gear₹199
4x spur gear 25t₹356
2x spur gear 24t₹258
2x balsa wood boards for chassis₹2400
540 Size motor + ESC +shipping₹2721.99
carbon fibre rod for axle₹ 799