IoT Plant Watering System


I am going to build a smart plant watering system that uses a microcontroller and sensors to automatically water my plants based on soil moisture levels. I am excited to build this project because I love plants, but I often forget to water them. This system will help me take better care of my plants and save water by only watering when needed.

UPDATE: I’m thinking of powering my IoT Plant Watering System via solar energy! This will be beneficial because I won’t have to replace the batteries or have them continuously connected to a plug point which will allow me to use it outdoors (it’ll also be better for the environment as a side bonus!)

I’m planning on using this guide:,1.%2[…]20Power%20Manager%205V,-This%20little%20board.

New parts:

Shipping: $20.00 Product prices: $24.40 + $15.99 + $25.40 = $66.79 Taxes: $8.80 Total added price: $95.59

Would it be possible for you to add this to my bank: My total cost from this shipment and the previous is still less than $250. Thanks!!


  1. Purchase the components and materials needed for the project.
  2. Assemble the system using the microcontroller, sensors, pump, and water reservoir.
  3. Write code for the microcontroller to control the pump based on the moisture levels detected by the sensors in the Arduino IDE/MicroPython.
  4. Test the system to ensure that it is functioning correctly.
  5. Make any necessary adjustments or improvements to the system.
  6. Make a web server for the NodeMCU ESP8266 to allow me to control and view the sensor data at all times via the internet
  7. Cover all parts in a custom cut wood frame

I’m planning on following the following guides:


Jumper Cables$6.98
6V DC Submersible Pump with pipe$11.39
Relay Module (Single Channel)$8.99
DHT11 sensor$10.29
Soil moisture sensor$7.89
NodeMCU ESP8266$16.39
Plant pots$25.99
5 Volt DC power supply$11.75
Balsa Wood Sheets$24.99
Exacto knife$4.99
LCD display to display power input and sensor data$24.40
Battery with JST connector to store solar energy$15.99
Solar panel + power manager

All parts are guaranteed by Amazon to arrive within 5-6 days of ordering.