Converting a cycle into a E-Bike


I’ve cycled since the age of 3, from tricycles to tandem cycles. I’ve seen it all. I can fix almost any cycle, just give me the parts and a cup of lemonade and your cycle is as good as new! As much as I do like to cycle, it really isn’t a feasible solution if I have to go to my school. Walking a mile to access the bus stop isn’t feasible either. I initially planned to save up enough to convert my bike to an electric and to have an opportunity to do it now is truly awesome! Not only will it make my daily commute much more efficient, but it will also allow me to explore new areas and go on longer rides without feeling as fatigued. Additionally, I can do my part in reducing my carbon footprint by using an electric cycle instead of a car or public transportation. In conclusion, i’ll be converting my existing cycle to an electric one. I’ve written how i’ll do it in the next section


Tools i’ll be using - wrenches, allen keys, pliers, zipties and wrenches Components - A hub motor(36v), break levers, Pedal Assistant sensor, Motor Controller, Battery pack(36v) and a box for the motor controller

Step 1 - We need to first remove the rear wheels by unscrewing the derailleur and pulling the chain of the sprocket, now unscrew the nuts on either ends of the wheel hub and pull the wheel away. now unscrew the freewheel. Step 2 - After you take out the wheel, remove the tire and the tube. Now use a spoke wrench to take out all the spokes present in the wheel and replace the existing hub and spokes with the electric hub and it’s spokes and place it back on the cycle Step 3 - change the existing break levers with the newer ones and change one of the handle to the new digital throttle(should be at your dominant hand’s side) step 4 - remove a pedal and place the pedal assist on it. step 4 - Place the battery and the motor controller(boxed) in your cycle frame at optimum locations. step 5 - connect the motor controller to the battery, motor, breaks, pedal assist and the break levers accordingly It’s ready!

note: though attaching it to the front tyre may be an easier option, but i wouldn’t do it because it’s more unsafe since if you’d loose traction on the front you’re almost guaranteed a crash.

edit: added the note


ProductSupplier/LinkCost in INR
Hub motor 36v, 350w
Digital throttle with key
Battery, 36v, 14.5 Ah with Charger,580
Bicycle Pedal assist
Motor controller
SpokesWill buy it locally500(approx)
Motor controller box
Wrenches, allen keys, pliers, a bunch of zipties and wrenchesAlready present2500
Total in USD$365