Hey there! For my project, I’d like to construct a guitar effects pedal using a Raspberry Pi. As an avid guitarist and programmer, being able to merge two of my favorite hobbies would be amazing. In summary, the device I’m planning on building will be a multi-effect guitar pedal, complete with distortion, echo, reverb, and really just about any effect as long as it’s programmable.


I’ll be utilizing a Raspberry Pi 4B as the brains of the operation to run effects plugins. To convert analog signals from my guitar into digital signals the Raspi can process, I’ll use a HiFiBerry ADC + DAC, that will sit atop the Raspberry Pi. The Raspi will be running on Elk Audio OS, an open source operating system with low latency for audio-based projects. And finally, I’ll be running a real-time VST3 plugin, NeuralPi, which is a series of Neural Networks designed to emulate famous guitar amps and effects. I’ll be following this tutorial on the applications of AI for real time audio as I go. Thanks for checking out my proposal!


Raspberry Pi 3 A+MCHobby$30.25 + $16 shipping
HiFiBerry DACHiFiBerry$49.50 + $8 shipping
RPi4 Power SupplyAmazon$7.99
Micro SD CardAmazon$8.99
HDMI micro to Standard HDMI cableAmazon$5.99
Dual 1/4” Female to 1/8” Male Stereo Audio AdapterAmazon$8.99
Stereo Male RCA to 1/4” Female Audio AdapterAmazon$9.99
1/8” male to 1/4” female adapterAmazon$6.99
iRig2 Guitar InterfaceAmazon$39.95
Patch Cables 3xAmazon$9.99
MicroSD Card ReaderAmazon$10.95
Total$214.38 + tax ($16.40)$230.82

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