DIY AirPods / Desktop Killjoy Turret / Ramen Lamp


I’ll be using this grant for three mini-projects:


DIY AirPods

I’ll probably:

Desktop Killjoy Turret

This one should be a little easier --- I’ll just:

Ramen Lamp

Also shouldn’t be too hard --- I’d just need to 3D print the arm, chopsticks, & bowl and wire the noodles to the slide potentiometer (which’d be connected to a resistor -> the USB-C port)!


DIY AirPodsMicro-Lipo Charger2$13.90
USB Type C Socket - SMT Inline Breakout Board3$10.50
Magnet Square - 0.125”4$4.20
Plastic Hinge1$0.95
Apple EarPods1$19.00
USB Type C Plug (10 Pack)1$9.95
TinyS3 - ESP32-S3 Development Board2$40.00
Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v 100mAh2$11.90
Killjoy TurretStepper Motor - 68 (400 steps/rev)1$19.50
DRV8833 DC/Stepper Motor Driver Breakout1$5.95
Ramen LampnOOds - Flexible LED Filament - Yellow, 3V 300mm8$60.00
Slide Pot - Medium (10k Linear Taper)1$2.75
Slide Potentiometer Knob - Small and Medium1$1.25
USB Type C Socket - SMT Inline Breakout Board1$3.50