I’m going to build esp32 based smart sunglasses that help blind people get information with ai technologies about what’s in front of them. If it is text then we will use the ocr model and if it is an object we will use the image classification model. The purpose of the project is to allow everyone to create the glasses for the other cheaply and not like today a similar product costs about 1200 dollars. I like the project because I know that there are people who really need a product in this style and do not necessarily have 1200 usd for an orcam


First of all, order the desired ingredients. After that I will start expanding knowledge about tensorflow and different artificial intelligence models and their use on esp32 . I will put all the components together and print a case on a resin 3D printer. I will create a short program that uses python and recognizes voice commands with the help of voice recognition ai model and then takes a picture and processes it and plays it on the device’s speakers. Finally, maybe added a user application in swift ui


Probably when the button on the device will be pressed then it will capture a photo and send the photo to mobile app that will procces the image with tensorflow and will read with tts what infront of you.


could you please expand on how this would work technically? the espcam will seat inside 3d printed case with small battery i have and a basic button. the case will slide on existing sunglsses side frame . would you simultaneously run the ocr model, the image classification model, and the voice reognition model on your board? if so, does the esp32 cam board have the capabilties to do it all real time? as mentioned when the blind press a button on the side of the glasses that say he want to check what infront of him the espcam will send photo to phone through bluetooth and then the phone will procces the image and will return the results to the esp and the headphones would you be designing the glasses yourself? if they are sunglasses do you need special film or smth? the case will slide on existing sunglsses(i have one at home) side frame so there is no need for special film. do you need a tf card? no


What materials will you need for your project? Where will you get them? How much does it cost? Please include all materials, including components you already own. Make sure to factor in shipping costs and sales tax.

bluetooth headphonesat home$0
wiresat home$0
phoneat home$0
sunglassesat home$0
phoneat home$0
tiny batteryat home$0
push buttonat home$0
esp32cam board$13.99
resin 3d printer$199.00
calculated price is with shipping and import fees 234.50