Animatronic Dual Realistic Eye Mechanism


I would love to explore the world of animatronics by creating 3D printed realistic animatronic eyes with my sister @cherisedevelops. The foundation of our project will largely be 3D printed, with a customized controller programmed to move the eyes around. Our mechanism will be actuated with servo motors and controlled by an Arduino. We’ll try to make the eyes as creepy and realistic as possible to add to the overall look. We are very excited to build this project because it’s a bit eccentric but will allow us to learn the fundamentals of 3D printing and mechanisms. We are excited to incorporate code, which we are familiar with, with hardware.


We will be following several online guides to build our project. The first is a guide to making the mechanism, the second guide is to make the controller, and the last is to make the realistic eyes.

  1. - Simplified 3D Printed Animatronic Dual Eye Mechanism
  2. - One Hand 3D Printed Controller
  3. - 3D Printed Ultra Realistic Eyes
  1. Gather materials needed to build the project.
  2. Use a CAD software to design a 3D model of an eye.
  3. 3D print model (2x for two eyes) then use sand paper to smoothen eye, finally add details (using acrylic paint) and use spray gloss to make it look more realistic. Last will fill in the pupil with UV resin.
  4. Design/model and print 3D parts for dual eye mechanism using PLA filament (Base, eyelids, etc.)
  5. Assemble the dual eye mechanism using printed parts, micro servos, Arduino UNO, resistors, potentiometers, and jumper cables (more detailed directions within the guide).
  6. Program the arduino and wire up the servo driver board.
  7. Design/model and print 3D parts for the one-hand 3D printed controller
  8. Assemble, wire together, and solder the joystick.
  9. Test the animatronic eyes to ensure that they move and blink correctly (in regards to the controller), and make any necessary adjustments.
  10. Test and debug in order to make sure the animatronic eyes are working smoothly and consistently.


Kingroon K3PS (3D Printer) (Amazon)$169.99
SG90 Micro Servos (Amazon)$19.98
M2 / M3 Screw Assortment (Amazon)$24.99
Arduino UNO REV3 (Amazon)$28.50
PLA Filament (Amazon)$22.99
Female DC Powerjack (Amazon)$10.90
Jumper Wires (Amazon)$6.98
Mini Tactile Push Button (Amazon)$5.49
10K OHM Potentiometer (Amazon)$7.20
Pin Vise Hand Drill (Amazon)$14.99
Mini Push Button (Amazon)$6.49
6-Core Electrical Wire (Amazon)$12.99
5V 5A Power Supply (Amazon)$16.99
6oz Spray Gloss Finish (Amazon)$6.07
Sandpaper (Amazon)$5.99
UV Resin (Amazon)$13.99
USB 2.0 Cable Type A/B (Amazon$6.99
Acrylic PaintOwned$0.00
16-Channel 12-bit PWM/Servo Driver (Adafruit)$14.95
10k Ohm Resistors (Adafruit)$0.75
2-Axis Joystick (Adafruit)$9.95