Charlie(Chat Robot)


Chat Robot Implemented with Chat GPT-3 is an exciting project. My project will be to create a chatbot that can interact with users in a natural, conversational way, powered by the cutting-edge GPT-3 technology. I am excited because I will learn how to use hardware components to build the chatbot The chatbot will be able to respond to users with personalized, human-like conversations, making it a great way to engage users in an interactive experience. I believe that this project will give me an exciting experience, and will give me a chance to learn about and implement cutting-edge technology.


The first step I would take is to set up the hardware for the bot, including the Raspberry Pi and its position in the container. Then I would work on the software, coding the Chat GPT-3 and listening libraries to interpret commands and provide answers to the user. Once the code is installed in the Raspberry Pi, I would perform tests to ensure that the code and hardware are functioning correctly.


Raspberry Pi 3$76.44
USB Microphone$22.99
3.5mm Jack Speaker$14.99
RPI Power Supply$8.99
Sd Card$11.99
Sd card reader$16.99
Import Fees$27.68