Project Name

LucidVR Haptic Gloves with RC Car and Robot Arm


Me and my sister are going to build an open source project that aims to create VR Haptic Gloves for much cheaper than commercial products. It involves 3D printing and soldering as well as modifying cables, we currently just got a 3D printer and have a soldering station. We will be using the driver provided as well as programming our own interface to control an RC Car with a Robot Arm attached, using the gloves as a controller. We have no idea what will act as driving the car or moving the arm but we will figure it out along the way.


Haptic Gloves

Arm and Vehicle

  1. Following the Haptic Gloves guide, we will attach the base parts to the gloves then the servos
  2. We will then connect everything to the ESP32 and program it
  3. Connect the gloves to the computer and get used to how it interfaces with the computer
  4. Build the RC Car and Arm using the 3D print models
  5. Program the arduino in the vehicle with custom code modeled off the guide, but instead using the gloves to interact with the car


Everything will be from amazon so shipping is free, and extra cost will be sponsored by our parents

Piezoelectric SensorAmazon$8.49
Stepper Motor x4Amazon$51.96
Stepper Motor DriverAmazon$14.99
Torque Digital ServoAmazon$20.99
SG90 Micro ServosAmazon$9.99
HC-05 BluetoothAmazon$10.39
3S Lipo BatteryAmazon$23.99
Mega R3 Atmega 2560Amazon$20.99
Micro USB CableAmazon$7.99
Power Bank x2Amazon$59.90
Crimping KitAmazon$36.99
Velcro Straps x2Amazon$13.96
Bike Gloves SmallAmazon$13.56
Bike Gloves LargeAmazon$13.56
Badge Reel ClipsAmazon$16.95
WiFi AntennaAmazon$8.99
ESP32-WROOM x2Amazon$21.98
MG90S Servo x2Amazon$63.98
Potentiometer x2Amazon$25.32
PLA FilamentAmazon$19.99
PLA Filament NaturalAmazon$20.99
Total + Tax$529.58