Multi-Function Mechanical Keyboard


I’m going to build a custom 60% mechanical keyboard that can control my room and assist in productivity (in addition to acting as a keyboard). I will also make a custom coiled USB cable for the keyboard. Special functions of the keyboard would include:



Pt. 1 Keyboard:

  1. Gain familiarity with Fusion360 via online tutorials
  2. 3D-design keycaps (with 3D texture/design) for W, A, S, D keys + F, J keys + Numeric Row to allow for more accessible typing experience (the non-customized keycaps will be purchased)
  3. 3D-print keycaps using school’s or friend’s 3D-printer
  4. Paint keycaps using paint + add some type of acrylic sealer to make sure paint doesnt chip + increase aesthetics
  5. Cut foam for sound dampening
  6. Lube switches & stabilizers
  7. Assemble switches & remaining keyboard components
  8. Create keyboard firmware with Vial
  9. Flash smart plug (connected to my room’s RGB lights) with open source Tasmota firmware for local control
  10. Use AutoHotkey to code scripts to create automation / shortcuts (not 100% this will work; may use a different method)

Pt. 2 Cable:

  1. Sleeve cable with paracord sheath & secure PET sleeve using hair dryer or lighter
  2. Coil cable around metal rod + apply heat
  3. Strip cable tips using wire stripper
  4. Strip the 4 inner wire tips to reveal metal tips
  5. Solder USB connectors onto the cable
  6. Install heat shrinks
  7. Reverse coil using tape & metal rod


Case, PCB, Plate$99
Gateron Switches$21.82
Additional Keycaps$20.84
Keyboard Lube$11.59
Wire Stripper$7.99
Soldering Iron + Soldering Wire$11.68
SONOFF Smart Plug$7.87
Heat Shrink Tubes$3.00
UL2464 26 AWG Cable$3.00
PET Sleeve$3.21
Paracord Type III$0.99
USB Type C Connector$8.85
USB Type A Connector$3.72