AI Assistant home automation system


My aim is to build an AI assistant (like Google home, Alexa) along with hardware to control my appliances such as light, ac, etc, with raspberry pi, esp32, relays, etc. The next step is to build an AI assistant.

-The AI should understand my voice commands and respond accordingly. -The AI will have a UI(animation, floating data, progress tracking, etc). -It will control my appliances. -It will also act like a local server for storing data.

For a reference:


Step 1 : Build the circuitry to control the appliances.

Step 2 : Code for the esp32 to read the data from firebase and operate correspondingly.

Step 3 : Step-up the raspberry pi.

Step 4 : Connect the pi with the server(firebase) and build the UI and code for the speech commands and reponses.

Step 5 : Test everything.

Step 5 : Build case for all the open circuitry (in Fusion 360) and print them in 3D Printer.

Step 6 : Connect everything with the AC wiring.

Step 7 : Take the next step to build a complete AI assistant to help me in my other projects

Hidden steps : Brain storming, error correction, multiple testing, reading the documentation, documenting each step, etc.


Raspberry pi 4 with accessories - owned$0
Microphone and camera - owned$0
Computer peripherals (keyboard, mouse) - owned$0
ESP32 (read and write data on firebase) and Arduino- owned$0
Relays (to control the appliances like Light bulbs, power sockets, fan,etc) - owned$0
Prototyping stuffs(soldering station, hot glue, prototyping board, etc) - owned$0
SD Card (os of pi)($6.40
WS2812b LED strip (controlled by MCU )($15.40
Monitor ( to view the multiple process at the same time (like the firebase working, working of text to speech, etc) and for the UI for the AI with some data(date, time, etc) floating over the screen and beside these the monitor comes with inbuilt speakers which can used to get feedback from the pi)($128.72
External hdd (for storing the data)($52.09

All prices are converted from INR TO USD