Project Oreo


A fleet of USB Rubber Duckies that change everyone’s background into Oreos (or something else funny). I have previously made some with Digisparks, but having to download the images from the internet makes injection slower and less reliable. So, I plan to make v2.0 with RP2040 based boards which have 8MB of flash. They store the image locally and have enough processing power to be a USB Mass Storage device at the same time as two HID devices (Mouse and Keyboard).

There are two main challenges:

  1. Technical: Implement OS Detection based on USB Fingerprints in CircuitPython (maybe even contribute it upstream depending on how complicated it is).
  2. Logistical: giving these to all my friends and acquaintances for them to deploy it on prank day, and teaching them to make sure they only prank people consensually, and safely, to avoid accidentally causing data loss.


Already done:

Will do before the 10 days:

Will do during the 10 days:

After the 10 days:


20x Adafruit Trinkey QT2040$143.20
Soldering Iron (etc.)Already have
Solder Wick$3.00
Simple Pliers$3.00
Diagonal Cutters$7.25
Adafruit Priority Mail$12.55
Adafruit Sales Tax$13.94
PLA 1kg$22.99
Amazon Tax$1.90
20x USB Jacks have