Video Capture Drone


I’m going to build a drone that can capture video, and perhaps even charge itself. I plan to make it controllable over the internet (via a website for example) too by customizing the hardware used to build the remote. I’m excited to build this because I’ve attempted to build a drone at a workshop before, and it didn’t fly.


  1. Initially, I’ll be assembling the hardware and I’ll test whether the motors and ESCs work individually.
  2. Following that, I’ll be writing code to:
    1. Start/stop the motors and fly
    2. Communicate with the remote
    3. Control the device without physically using the remote by communicating with the remote using my phone via the internet
    4. [OPTIONAL] Add code to encode and transmit video to a device.
      • Otherwise, I can later get the video from the drone

Hardware overview

Overview of generic components:


Controller: Arduino Due1Controls drone
Frame1Provides structure to the drone
Brushless Motor4Rotates propellers
Drone Propellers12Provides thrust to fly (4 use + 8 spare)
Electronic Speed Controller1Lets control drone motor speed for manuvering
Inertial Measurement Unit1Provides basic physical data to the drone to acccount for errors
Power Distribution Board1Distributes power from battery among motors
Video Trasmitter1Transmits video from drone to remote/ground hardware
NRF24L01 Transmitter1Communicates with remote
4000 mAh Battery1Provides electricity to drone
LiPo Battery Charger1Charges battery
Camera1Records video


Controller: Raspberry Pi Pico W1Controls remote
NRF24L01 Transmitter1Communicates with drone
Video Receiver1Receives video from drone


Breadboard2Organize connections
Jumper cables50Connect everything together
Generic Antenna4Extends range of NRF24L01 and Video transmitter
Zipties50Hold parts together


Conversion Factor: $1 = ₹82.61

Arduino Due₹3400
Raspberry Pi Pico W₹650
Clone of TBS 500 Carbon Fiber Frame (has PDB)₹2000
2x CW 2300KV BLDC Motor₹1500
2x CCW 2300KV BLDC Motor₹1500
4x Standard 30A BLDC ESC₹2360
6x Pair of Glass Fiber Propeller₹900
6DoF IMU: DFRobot Fermion ICG 20660L₹1950
2x NRF24L01 Transmitter + Antenna₹360
4200 mAh 3S LiPo Battery₹3000
RunCam Nano 3 800TVL₹2000
2x Breadboard₹220
65x M-M Jumpers₹103
LiPo Battery Charger₹500
50x zipties₹125
Video Transmitter + Relevant AntennaSelf-funded
Video ReceiverSelf-funded
Total₹20568 ≈ $249