Project Name


Inspired by the Assemble badges, I want to learn how to design PCBs! This project is for designing business cards, but after I learn how to design and solder PCBs, I plan to make custom badges & keychains.


I’ll be following this guide, with my own design, and also looking up some YouTube tutorials on PCB design. I’ll first need to design the PCBs using software like KiCAD, then order them from JLCPCB (I’ll do this before the 10 days because PCB production + shipping takes a while). Then, I’ll solder on parts if needed (it seems that JLCPCB can do assembly, but just in case they don’t have a specific part). I’ll then program the NFC chip, and experiment with designing badges or keychains if I have more time.


By the way, the PCB cost is just an estimate based on the website; I don’t have a design file yet so I don’t think it’s exact. It is very expensive because of the thinness, color, and finish :/

Soldering Iron$39.99
Soldering Iron Stand$5.89
Solder Wire$11.99
Solder Wick$3.45
Solder Flux$10.10
Isopropyl Alcohol$6.26
10 Business Card PCBs (currently an estimate)$119.66
PCBs Shipping$19.80
10 NFC Chips$12.03
10 LEDs$2.35
10 Resistors$0.36
10 Capacitors$1.30
Digikey Shipping$6.99
Tax (10%)$24.66