I’m going to build a system to automatically open and close my blinds automatically, or whenever I want it to.


I’m going to use a pulley system on the top and bottom where the wire is attached to a 3D printed clamp that’s attached to the blind. That way, I can pull and push it based on the direction that I rotate the wire on the pulleys, and the clamp will bring the blinds down with the wire. I’ll use a Raspberry Pi Pico and a motor to control the motor that rotates the pulleys. I need 3 of each component so I can build one for each of my blinds, and 2 motors for each side of each blind so they aren’t imbalanced.


Raspberry Pi Pico x3Adafruit$15.00
Breadboard x3Adafruit$14.85
Wires x3Adafruit$5.85
TT Motor Pulley x6Adafruit$4.50
DC Gearbox Motor x6Adafruit$17.10
Yarn x3Adafruit$8.85
Creality Ender 3 3D PrinterAmazon$199.00