Cyber Drone


I planned to build quadcopter with integraton of raspberry Pi.

In malls, railways, and other public places some hackers provide free wifi’s connections. Some people don’t know about this so they use wifi as normal users. But connecting hackers will gain full to their devices and use it for personal gain then they stole their data and blackmail them for money So, there are so many peoples affected by it.

So, I have a plan of connecting with Raspberry Pi which is Linux based OS it is easy to write scripts, I use tools like Nmap, aircrack-ng, and others tools to combine all of them to first scan all the wifi connections with Nmap (hackers mostly run their connection on port 80 for gain access) then collect that connection and analyze it with aircrack-ng to drop down the connection and take control their access with twin evil attack finally we fill the complaint with the with data(IP, location etc)we have collected.

Why you want to build this project?

I interested in computer science but I don’t know which domain is suits for me. So I try out many technologies like web development, programming etc. but in my school this is very well known common domain. So I like to learn new technologies. Suddenly, my brother @dharun016 will let me know about hackclub event and his ideas on drone . I so much exicited to do this project because this is completely new domain for me. It gives oppoturinity to learn and upskill my career . In my school they will conduct project expo at the end of march . I like to participate with this project and this drone project helps me to participating in national level hackathon.


For the first 5 days, I’m going assemble drone check its connectivety and testing. On Day 6,7 planning to integrate Raspberry Pi writing some scripts run the process After successfuly connected , after remaining days all the testing and deploying to vps


Wiresalready own$0
VPS & Serversalready own$0
Quadcopter Drone Combo$198.26
Raspberry Pi 4$47.15
libo battery 11.1 V$18
libo battery charger$8
Shipping & taxes$4