Foosball Scoreboard


We are going to build an IoT scoreboard for the foosball club at our high school that will automatically connect to the rating system we have. It will be basically a strip of NeoPixels for each team and then an arcade button you can hit when you score. We will also have a screen and interface for selecting who’s playing and the max point value, to be able to communicate that to the rating system. A stretch goal would be to implement tournaments as well, so it automatically knows who’s playing during a tournament.


User interface mockups



Metro M4 Express$34.95
2m NeoPixel strip$53.90
2x Massive Arcade Button$9.95 x 2 = $19.90
SHARP Display$44.95
Hook-up wire$15.95
1kg Black PLA filament$19.95
Tiny breadboard$3.95
Rotary Encoder$4.50
Stemma QT breakout for rotary encoder$5.95
2x Small arcade buttons$2.50 x2 = $5.00
Stemma QT button controller$9.95
TO-220 Heatsink$0.95
DC female jack$2.95
DC male plug$1.95
3x JST-XH extension cables$1.25 x 3 = 3.75
2x Arcade Button quick-connect cable 10-pack$4.95 x 2 = $9.90
Noctual Thermal Compound$8.95
Stemma QT to Jumpers$0.95
Micro SD Card breakout$7.50
Micro SD Card 512MB$4.95
DC power supply$15.00
Total Shipping$0.00
Total Tax$23.90