6” FPV Drone


I am going to build a full sized FPV Drone using a 6” props frame, that transmits video from its FPV cam using a Video Transmitter(VTX) to a 5.8 GHz receiver screen.I am buildng this with the help of my friend @aryatajne28. I have compiled all the compatible components for this frame. This drone can be used for racing purpose, Cinematic FPV shooting, etc. As I have used Analog FPV system in this so instead of FPV Goggles, I was able to use a Receiver Display to get it under budget! I am updating it as some of the components went out of stock. So I am adding a new frame, new stack, VTX, motors, propellors and FPV goggles.


First of all, I was inspired to build my own FPV drone when I first watched this playlist (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwoDb7WF6c8neIAQBkchfiXf-C8KbzG5M) So, I will be following this playlist to Plan my own build accordingly.


I and my friend will start with the assembly of the frame, starting with the bottom plate, I will screw the motors on the arms of the frame, following with the propellors. After this, I will then assemble the Flight Controller and ESC Stack doing the wiring at the same time. After that I will install the VTX and the receiver module. After this I will install the FPV Camera on place. This finishes the installing procedure. I am planning to do this in the first 2 days of my building.

Battery Testing-

Before installing the top plate of the frame, I need to ensure that I have soldered everything correctly and everythings ready to go. If I get any errors, like my Flight Controller doesn’t light up or something else, I will have to look upon the issue and solve it. This will be done in the next 2 days.


After wiring and assembly is done, I will move forward to setup my quad so that everything like Flight Controller, VTX, Receiver, Transmitter are all connected and working fine. To do this I will be using Betaflight software to setup the whole Firmware of my drone. I will try to complete this process in next 2 days of the build.

Putting all things together!-

When everything’s done, I will assemble the drone finally, like attaching the battery staps, etc. I will ensure everything is in place and tight enough. I will go through every corner of the drone and check everything. This will take 1 day.


And the final and the most interesting part of our build is to test and fly the drone right away. I will be testing the drone in a open ground with the video transmission directly fed into the Display screen. And here our build ends.


I have checked and reviewed all the components, that are compatible with this build. I have done research on what components would be the best according to my budget. Here it the list:

Dollar Rate: $1 = ₹81.60

ProductSupplier / LinkCost (USD)
GEPRC GEP-MK5 Framehttps://www.drkstore.in/geprc-gep-mk5-frame/85.78
SpeedyBee F405 v3 BLS 50A FC & ESC Stackhttps://droneracingindia.com/market/2b034986-d67e-4a94-8650-7f4ea55b666c72.30
HGLRC Zeus 800mW VTXhttps://www.drkstore.in/hglrc-zeus-800mw-smart-mounting-20x20-30x30-vtx/24.51
T-Motor VELOX VELOCE V2207.5 V2 Motor 1950kvhttps://www.drkstore.in/t-motor-velox-veloce-v2207-5-v2-motor-1750kv-1950kv-2550kv/78.43
Gemfan 5130 5” Propellorshttps://www.quadkart.in/gemfan-5130-ultralight-3-blade-propeller/2.45
RadioMaster TX12 MKII 2.4GHz 16CH Radio Transmitterhttps://www.quadkart.in/radiomaster-tx12-mkii-2-4ghz-16ch-adio-transmitter-w-hall-gimbals-elrs/116.41
RP1 ExpressLRS 2.4ghz Nano Receiverhttps://tujorc.com/home/ols/products/rp1-expresslrs-24ghz-nano-receiver24.5
Foxeer Razer Micro 1200TVL 1.8mm FPV Camerahttps://www.quadkart.in/foxeer-razer-micro-1200tvl-1-8mm-fpv-camera/18.4
Eachine EV800D 5.8G 40CH Diversity FPV Goggles With DVRhttps://www.quadkart.in/eachine-ev800d-diversity-fpv-goggles/134.80
HGLRC Mini Hammer Antenna 2.5dBi Super Mini 5.8Ghttps://www.drkstore.in/hglrc-mini-hammer-antenna-sma-mmcx-ufl-2-5dbi-super-mini-5-8g-for-rc-fpv-drone/7.35
Orange 1500mAh 4S 100C/200C (14.8V) Lithium Polymer Battery (Already Owned)https://robu.in/product/orange-1500mah-4s-100c200c-lithium-polymer-battery-pack-lipo/0.00
SKYRC E455 50W 4A Multi Chemistry Charger (Already Owned)https://robu.in/product/skyrc-e455-50w-4a-multi-chemistry-charger/0.00
Total(Including Shipping)$570.80