MIDI keyboard for non-mainstream scales


Making the MIDI keyboard for playing with non-mainstream scales diagram of keyboards with labels You probably have seen upper one. It is the keyboard which is most popular in the world. It was designed for playing C Major Scale Music. But, in the world, there are a lot of Scale. in white keys, frequently used notes in C major are assigned. in black keys, another notes are assigned. So, it is hard to play another Scale Music in common keyboard. keyboard I thought that if I could make a keyboard with lots of black keys and make the black keys removable, it would be a keyboard that could be used on any scale.


  1. Make a design for this keyboard with pencil and paper.
  2. Make a 3D model with CAD.
  3. Make a program to output MIDI signal and switch scale with arduino.


3D Printerhttps://www.elegoo.com/products/elegoo-neptune-3-fdm-3d-printer209.99 USD
Arduino Starter Kithttps://www.amazon.co.jp/dp/B06XF2HZGT5,099 JPY
Mechanical SwitchPurchase separately0
filamentPurchase separately0
TotalConsidering the JPY/USD exchange rate250.00 USD