AI Healthcare ML Predictor


The AI Healthcare ML Predictor will take CT scan and X-Ray images of the chest and lungs in order to find disease, and even predict it. It can take any input such as images, and also live videos, and analyze them to detect lung cancer, covid-19, tuberculosis, and pneumonia. I am excited to build this because it is a great combination of technology and health, both of which are very important parts of the career I want to pursue, and also are big hobbies and passions that I have.

Plan (link to tutorial I’m following)

First I will purchase all of the materials needed to create the predictor. When I have all of the materials, then I will actually prepare for set-up by connecting the SD card to the laptop, and downloading all of the necessary information. Then I will set up the Jetson Kit and attach all the necessary cables and pieces to the Jetson.(the jetson and pulse oximeter + camera will be connected with the ethernet cable and the USB plugs they have included.) I will need to turn on the power supply and wait for the system to reboot, and then conduct all the initial setup steps for the Jetson. Then I will download the Jetson interface and program it to run when asked to, I will use the datasets to give the Jetson information to analyze (or use a camera to provide live videos/photos), and finally continue training the Jetson and troubleshooting until it works more and more efficiently. I will also need to practice running the program many times to prevent failures and incorrect measurements. In addition, the webcam will be used to analyze the skin and predict what is happening to the skin of the patient, and the pulse oximiter will be used to find data that can also be analyzed by the program.


Type C power supply$8.59
NVIDIA Jetson nano developer kit$149.00
Ethernet Cable$6.50
Camera (Logitech C270 HD WEBCAM)$24.99
Memory Card$13.77
Wifi Card$13.35
Pulse Oximeter$19.99