I plan to build a simple hexapod robot that is capable of walking around. The hexapod is going to be controlled by an Esp32, and will have 18 standard motors to move around. The motors are going to be controlled by two servo drivers. The body of the robot will all be 3d printed, and all the parts will be designed by me. I will use M4 nuts and bolts along with some bearings to connect everything. To power the robot, I will be using 18650 batteries, and all the code will be written by me. I also plan to integrate an MPU-6050 module so the robot is able to balance itself. I am not following any tutorial and I intend to design and build this all by myself, however I will be taking some inspiration from these videos:
I want to work on this project since this will be my first time working with legged robots and I have always wanted to dive into this subject. The programming is also something that I am excited about since I will have to implement forward and inverse kinematics, which sound really fun.


  1. Collect all the parts I need
  2. Sketch out the idea of the robot
  3. Test out the electronics and write some prototype code
  4. Design all the 3d printed parts in Fusion 360 and print them out
  5. Test fit and find any problems that need fixing
  6. Redesign parts and test again
  7. Repeat until satisfied
  8. Assemble everything and connect all the electronics
  9. Write the final code
  10. Test everything, fix problems, and repeat until everything works properly
  11. The project is now complete


What materials will you need for your project? Where will you get them? How much does it cost? Please include all materials, including components you already own. Make sure to factor in shipping costs and sales tax.

Standard Servo x 18https://a.co/d/0oXPa25$104.95
PCA9685 Servo Motor Drive x 2https://a.co/d/j8bFy5y$14.69
ESP32 x 1Already Own$0.00
18650 BatteriesAlready Own$0.00
18650 Battery HoldersAlready Own$0.00
Servo cable extensionhttps://a.co/d/d9nNtWH$10.98
Micro USB B Cablehttps://a.co/d/1EWbIKF$7.46
Proto Boardhttps://a.co/d/9zsdkql$19.99
Misc WiresAlready Own$0.00
MPU-6050Already Own$0.00
Ball bearings x 20https://a.co/d/7s8AtT6$9.98
M4 Nuts and Boltshttps://a.co/d/9E0DcRb$26.36
ScrewdriverAlready Own$0.00
WrenchAlready Own$0.00
PliersAlready Own$0.00
Wire cutters/stripperAlready Own$0.00
3D PrinterAlready Own$0.00
Laptop (for programming)Already Own$0.00
Total before tax-$219.40