Home-Environment-Monitor (HEV)


I’m going to build the HEV using RaspberryPi and sensors. It will be deployed on Linux. I’m excited because though I have lots experiences in Linux but I’m totally new to Raspberry. I am building this with my friend @MeliLXT and with the help from my friend @xingyujie, which is very familiar with RaspberryPi.

It will use light, sound, temperature and humidity sensors.


I’m going to use RaspberryPi 4b to control all the sensors. It will run the RaspberryPi OS. I will control the sensors using Python and bash scripts. The data will be printed out using a electron.js application.

This is my first project based on RaspberryPi and I will be very excited.


RaspberryPi 4b beginner kithttps://m.tb.cn/h.Ukp6wQQ?tk=BhJjdUBBLjl$210.85
temperature and humidity sensorhttps://m.tb.cn/h.UP8oY8s?tk=ZGQ5dUBzGMz$1.31
light sensorhttps://m.tb.cn/h.Ukp8dNX?tk=4Mt0dUzZ6II$0.45
sound sensorhttps://m.tb.cn/h.UP8LhNT?tk=QtdqdUzZLko$0.97
Dupont wireshttps://m.tb.cn/h.UkpQKIS?tk=TONTdUzY1wv$0.75
Redmi 23.8” rotatable displayhttps://m.tb.cn/h.UlW3WUV?tk=czgBdgi5wVv$107.05
Xiaomi wireless keyboard and mousehttps://m.tb.cn/h.UP8qjnr?tk=su3fdUz0CxO$12.71

All fees including tax and shipping are included.