Project Name: Auto Webcam Face Tracker for Zoom Calls


I am going to build an Arduino webcam face tracker. It is a system that uses an Arduino microcontroller and a webcam to track the movement of a person’s face. The webcam captures video images of the person’s face and sends them to the microcontroller, which processes the images to determine the position of the face. The microcontroller can then use this information to control some kind of output, such as a motor or a servo. plan on making some sort of custom 3D printed mount for it, so I can place the mount on the motors to create a rotating mechanism. The webcam wouldn’t actually clip onto my computer monitor. I have a shelf directly above my monitor which I will be putting the whole system on.

I am excited about this project because it allows me to combine my interests in microcontroller programming and computer vision. I think it will be a fun and challenging project that will teach me new skills and help me create something unique and interactive. Overall, I think this project has a lot of potential and I am looking forward to getting started.


  1. I will gather all the required materials listed in the budget below & order them once the grant is approved.
  2. Set up the hardware: Connect the webcam to the computer using a USB cable Connect the Arduino to the computer using a USB cable Connect the motor or servo to the breadboard using jumper wires Connect the breadboard to the Arduino using jumper wires Connect the power source to the breadboard
  3. Write the code in the arduino IDE for the motor movement & webcam operation (python, UI and haar cascade file)
  4. Once the basic face tracker is working I will eventually move on to add additional features like making face tracker more responsive or adding the ability to detect specific facial expressions to toggle different options.

I feel like this tech could be extremely useful for me, as someone who is constantly using zoom while demonstrating things & moving around my room, this will definitely solve the problem of always having to adjust my webcam positioning after each minor movement. Also, I do have a hackathon coming up which I will be participating in, and this would definitely be a fun thing to use while pitching my project!


What materials will you need for your project? Where will you get them? How much does it cost? Please include all materials, including components you already own. Make sure to factor in shipping costs and sales tax.

Arduino Uno Rev3—dBhABEiwAchIwkf2tQ5cIa_rK8taiWADAF08SIIeNLKhuyikBqr9_L5M2Dy7JaWkakhoCiqYQAvD_BwE$27.60 + (4.20 Shipping)
MG90S Servo Motors$13.69 + (3.50 Shipping)
AC/DC Adapter 30W$12.99 + (5.10 Shipping)
Self Tapping Screws$9.99 + (3.20 Shipping)
Heat Shrink Tubing$6.99 + (2.50 Shipping)
USB C Hub$24.99 + (2.90 Shipping)
Camera$129.00 (Free Shipping)

| Total | | $249.65 |