Simple Stereo Amp


I am going to build a simple stereo amplifier. This amplifier will be able to play audio from a CD player, smartphone, TV, etc. on various speakers I have salvaged from broken electronics. I am excited to build this because I really enjoy listening to and making music but currently have some old cheap computer speakers, and this amplifier would have much higher sound quality.


  1. Receive parts
  2. Assemble and solder amplifier board (day 1-2)
  3. Test amplifier board (day 2)
  4. Assemble rest of circuit (day 3-7)
  5. Drill holes in case (day 8)
  6. Mount all items in case (day 9)
  7. Final assembly and testing (day 10)

Circuitry plan:

Physical plan:


Project box case$15.99
Mounting screws$11.99
Power supply$20.99
DC jack$4.88
Input selector switch$13.49
Speaker terminals$6.39
Amplifier board$21.99
Heat sinks$3.75
Line in jacks$5.99
Power switch$6.99
Volume control potentiometer$9.99
Soldering toolsN/AAlready have
Line in cablesN/AAlready have
SpeakersN/AAlready have
Tax (8%)$9.75
ShippingAmazon Prime free shipping over $25$0