Bedroom Security System


I am excited to build a bedroom security system. This security system will include features such as motion detection and video surveillance using a smartphone app. The idea of having an added layer of security for my personal space is really exciting for me. Knowing that I can monitor my bedroom even when I am not physically present gives me a sense of peace and control. I can’t wait to start building and see the final product in action.


I am so excited to build my own bedroom security system. It’s going to be reeeeally cool! The first step I’ll take is to do some research and gather information on all the different components I’ll need, including motion sensors, cameras, and a smart lock. I’ll be buying all these components online.

While everything is arriving, I’ll start designing the layout of the system and figuring out the best places to put everything.

Once I’ve got everything I need, I’ll start installing everything in their place, starting with the motion sensors and cameras. Then, I’ll try to program the cameras and the sensors so they can work. I am planning to use MotionEyeOS for this.

I’ll be using tools like a screwdriver, wire cutter, and a drill to get the job done, and I’ll also be using programming languages like Python and JavaScript to integrate the system with my smartphone app.

Finally, I’ll do a bunch of testing to make sure everything is working properly and make any adjustments that are needed.

It’s going to take a lot of patience, attention to detail, and some technical know-how, but I’m confident that it’ll be totally worth it in the end!

Also, i would like to make a sound alarm to alert the intruder, i’ll see if it is possible.


Raspberry Pi 4$175
1.8”LCD display$12
Arducam Camera$35
HONKYOB Speaker$15