Digital Typewriter


I’m planning on building a Digital Typewriter for this project. As an avid yet distraction-prone writer, I would like to utilize this creation to work on my writing skills offline and focus on the craft, but upload files to my devices as needed. This tool could, as well, facilitate the process of severing ties to the possible domains of distraction available when utilizing regular word processors, and provide a minimalistic approach to writing. While writing is a side-hobby for me, I regularly work on papers and articles.

The E-Reader display will reduce eyestrain, which is especially useful for my declining eyesight. I take influence from the Freewrite, a popular yet pricy digital typewriter, and other type-writers, as well as William Zinsser, a journalist and writer who utilized the typewriter in his craft. Lastly, the digital typewriter is an ode to my grandfather’s typewriter, the stories of which fueled my lifelong desire to own one myself.


  1. Acquire all of the necessary parts for this project before the project officially begins. 1a. Research and design a case for the parts of the device, with spaces alloted for the display, keyboard, and additional electronic parts. This will be designed in nanoCAD, and I will be researching material and dimensions before sending design files to JLCPCB and/or Xometry.
  2. Implementing a fast partial refresh for the E-Reader display for quicker interactions and editing.
  3. Integrating the 3.7V 2500mah phone battery and battery charger in assembly.
  4. Installing Raspbian onto a Raspberry Pi, enable SPI, build and install the logkeys, and build ultimate writer (an open design for an e-ink writer).

Likely, I will at some point reach out to the creator of the Open Digitial Typewriter for advice/guidance throughout the project, and consult my father, who had computer engineering experience. Here is the link for the guide which I will be primarily following throughout this project:


Raspberry Pi Model B+$37.85
7.5in E-Ink Display HAT for Raspberry Pi$83.74
PowerBoost 500 Charger$32.86
Lithium Ion Polymer Battery - 3.7v 2500mAh$31.76
Typewriter keyboard (Black)$30.00
Printing for CaseJLCPCB or XometryAllotting $30.00