🌟 Interactive Digital Art Installation + MIDI Controller

🙋‍♀️ Summary

Using TouchDesigner I will create a Camera, Touch, and Audio reactive art installation that will be displayed through a projector on a 100 inch screen. The installation will feature unique visuals that play with data passed through video, kinetic, microphone etc.

I hope to create a piece that my friends and family can enjoy playing around with. I have always wanted to look into creative technology so this is the perfect oppurtunity to explore creativity and computers. Also learning a new software is a plus!

This installation is deeply inspired by the awesome Mattaniah Aytenfsu ✨ (https://youtu.be/8zHPGbraW4Q) As well as @karyn_nakamura on YouTube!

Also, I’ve been eager to start my first electronic project. While searching for a beginner project I came across the MIDI Controller. This immediately sparked my interest because of it’s simplicity and connection to music. I will be following Leandro Linares “Building an Arduino MIDI Controller” (https://leandrolinares.com/blog/arduino-midi-controller/). I want to use the controller to play around with music in a DAW and incorporate it into my art installation.

📄 Plan

Interactive Digital Art Installation

  1. Source all materials off of amazon (cuts the cost of shipping)
  2. Setup and test projection setup in my backyard and living room
  3. Create moodboard for the project / Rack up my brain with creative ideas
  4. Start learning and designing visuals using TouchDesigner
  5. Produce music for audio reactive aspect of visuals
  6. Have fun interacting with art!

MIDI Controller

  1. Source all materials off of amazon
  2. Before beginning the assembly I will watch more videos to ensure that I have a sufficent understanding of why and what I will be doing
  3. Begin assembly and code, closely following the tutorial
  4. Connect to DAW and test
  5. Find ways to implement into reactive art installation audio wise

💸 Budget

USB Dome CameraAmazon$51.99
100 inch Projector ScreenAmazon$49.99
Projector StandAmazon$39.59
USB C AdapterAmazon$16.99
3D PrinterOwned
Leonardo R3 MicrocontrollerAmazon$16.00
Arcade Push Buttons x 2Amazon$22.00
Soldering Iron KitAmazon$10.99
Electrical Wire x 2Amazon$10.00
Heat Shrink TubingAmazon$6.99
Matte PLA FilamentAmazon$19.99
TOTAL including tax & shipping$247.72