Record Player


I’m planning to build an RFID record player. It will allow me to tap cards on to the record player to automatically play albums/playlists, play, pause, and skip a song. The record player will use python to switch the song based on the value it recieves from the RFID card, it will use spotify’s api to source the music. The RFID scanner and all other wiring will be mounted inside of a box. The sound will play out of a bluetooth speaker that is connected to an amazon echo. This is because an amazon echo is always on, so the spotify connect won’t go offline. I’m excited to build this project because I think it would be very cool to play music from tapping cards, it would also me to experiment further with a raspberry pi. Here is a youtube video I used for reference while planning out this project:


  1. Assemble the record player box by wiring the Raspberry Pi and RFID reciever together using dupont wires and powering the pi
  2. Build the RFID cards by using RFID stickers, printed images of album covers, and the square cards
  3. Connect the Raspberry Pi to the Spotify API using Python, and assign each RFID value to an album and to a play, pause, and skip
  4. Make the Amazon Echo a spotify connect device so it is always connected to my spotify account
  5. Optional: Connect my echo to bose speakers for better sound quality and better vibes
  6. (The extender cord will be used to power the record player due to a lack of outlets)


What materials will you need for your project? Where will you get them? How much does it cost? Please include all materials, including components you already own. Make sure to factor in shipping costs and sales tax.

(I already bought the raspberry pi 3 kit in fear of it being sold out)

RFID RC522 Reciever$9.99
RFID Stickers$14.98
Raspberry Pi 3 Kit$60.00
Raspberry Pi 3 Case$10.13
Dupont Wires$6.98
Square Cards$9.99
Wooden Boxes$17.99
Amazon Echo$74.99
Extender Cord$19.99
Speakersalready own$0.00
Illinois Amazon Taxes$11.96
Illinois Ebay Taxes$5.36
Amazon Shipping$0.00
Ebay Shipping$5.00